Situating at the center of the legendary Mekong river which is considered as a biggest river in the Southest Asia region, our factory is having a ideal location and the extremely big advantages in farming Pangasius fish or Tra fish along the Hau and Tien river ( the two biggest river branches of the big Mekong river ).

With a total farming area of over 140 hectares, our factory have the initiative of raw material for processing and enable us to satisfy any contract of the huge quantity supply from our world-wide clients.


We has already completed procedures to build a Global GAP standard farming area to produce more than 20,000 tonnes of Pangasius / Tra fish per year as well as meeting other international safety and hygiene criterion for export including ASC, SQF, AquaGAP.


At present, we are cooperating with farmer, fishmen to expand the farming model to collect more raw material on purpose of supplying enough Pangasius / Tra fish for processing and exporting in the future.


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